preseason week 1

When my child takes his first baby steps I’ll probably cry. Tears of joy swelled up the eyes of Colts and Redskins fans last week. The Colts seem to have found their successor and Mr. Dan Snyder [finally] might have a spent good money.

Andrew Luck’s first pass, although a four yard completion, resulted in a long 63-yard touchdown scamper. 10 for 16, 2 touchdowns and scoring on three of four possessions!? A rookie? Did this against the first string defense of the…St. Louis Rams? You knew it was coming. I’m the biggest protester when it comes to a successful performance against a battered team, such as the Rams.

Look at how the Colts’ backup quarterback finished:

Drew Stanton 8/11 for 83 yards,
Chandler Harnish 3/3 52 yards and a touchdown. Oh, yeah and Harnish was Mr. Irrelevant, the last player drafted.

So I’ll be the skeptical jerk who dons the first overall draft pick’s performance, “standard”. And the comparisons start to roll in, as Jim Irsay tweeted something about history repeating itself, in regards to Peyton Manning’s first preseason pass going for a touchdown. The only thing Luck impressed me with was his calm demeanor. Please stay healthy.

10 impressions:

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how Pierre Garcon and RG3 mold together when the season starts.
  2. Rookie QB Russell Wilson and Braylon Edwards, revival in Seattle?!
  3. Tim Tebow? not a QB. Mark Sanchez? not a QB. The Jets still do? Not have a QB.
  4. Houston stay healthy in order to WIN the AFC South.
  5. Alex Smith out, Kaepernick in. That would be sweet. The 49ers backfield is stacked.
  6. Welcome back Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs need receiver star power. Where art thou Mr. Bowe?
  7. Kevin Kolb needs to trust his receivers and throw the damn ball.
  8. The battle of the hags Tom Brady and Drew Brees was as dry as wheat toast.
  9. Julio Jones did the dirty bird and was allowed to because his touchdown catch was flyy.
  10. Ray Lewis 17 years at linebacker. Omg. This has to be his last one, it’ll be glorious.

Happy 3-year anniversary with the Eagles, Michael Vick!

I didn’t get to watch my Eagles play live but I know there’s a whole lot of injuries right now. Nnamdi and Nate Allen collided trying to break up a pass on Monday. Vick’s throwing hand still banged up. Updates on my Eagles later.

thanks for reading<3


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