preseason week 1.89

the Bengals got off to a relaxing start last week, prevailing in Tim Tebow’s debut. A.J. Green dropped a touchdown pass against Darrelle Revis, what would’ve capped a beautiful drive by the Bengals. Look for the Falcons high powered offense to challenge the Bengals’ secondary.

The Browns should approach this game like the Super Bowl. And the Packers should treat this game like a light scrimmage. Either way, both teams will build some solid chemistry.

Matt Hassellbeck needs to keep his job but his offensive line might be in charge of that. He’s turning 37 come September, and Jake Locker is just twiddling his thumbs. Tampa Bay has a flimsy offense and their defense doesn’t play football all the time.

Eh. What’s a Raven to a Lion? The two quarterbacks are on the brink of blowing up.

The preseason is solely for players to brush off their rust and show the coaches that they know their assignments. Team chemistry is built throughout the season, I believe, as it develops its roots for a team when they head into the postseason. Once a group of 53 men and the coaching staff find their niche and GROW on that solid foundation, THEN they will succeed.

Stay evolving, my friends.


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