preseason week 2.5

For those wondering why this is a short entry, I just wanted to post a quick update before the library closes in thirty minutes.

I’ll begin with a question. Why do we stop eating at specific restaurants?

Because they become less valuable.

Now what does this question pertain to, you ask? OK.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Joe Flacco and Mr. Ryan. Quarterbacking is the hardest job in all of sports and in my opinion, all of history. I think Barack Obama endures less pressure than these human beings. Obama definitely does not deal with mammothic and gigantic beasts chasing him down after every action or move he makes, right? So anyways before I get sidetracked.

This tandem I put under the microscope for special reasons. For one, they’re both 28. I’d include Fitzpatrick (29), Alex Smith (28) and Matt Moore (28), but they do not qualify for this conversation for me to make a valid statement. Ryan and Flacco are proven, and have acquired a bittersweet taste for the playoffs. A few years ago, these fine men were labeled as the quarterbacks of tomorrow, with auspicious moments and flashes of promise to their cities. Matt Ryan’s QB Rating has actually improved throughout his career meddling around the upper 80s and low 90s, while Mr. Flacco’s took a downhill turn with a bad swing in 2011. (93.6->80.9). So what’s my point?

Right. Readers. Brace yourselves for this wild pitch. It won’t even make it to the catcher’s mitt. Joe and Matt have become average at best, and their “quarterbacks of the future” stickers need to be stripped from their chests. Sometimes being consistent is not good enough. Look at Eli Manning, for example. The man has developed himself nicely, whether or not it takes outstanding wide receivers to get the job done. Yes, we know that Mark Sanchez (not a QB) has “lead” his team to the conference championships as a young buck. BUT, what must be realized is that the Jets had a solid defense to sort of, bail him out, in situations.
Value, my friends. When they raise the prices for the #1 meal menu at McDonald’s, I predict many to boycott the company.

#2. Andrew Luck is great. Just from watching his preseason game (alone, yes, at a bar), his drive in the last minute of the 2nd quarter is what compelled me to type the latter sentence. He brushed himself off of the two interceptions before and marched his troops down to end the quarter on a Vinatieri field goal. Brilliant man.

#3. Last things last. I sat and watched the Eagles handle the Patriots. Yes, a few notes.

a. stop with the roughing the passer penalties! nullifying the great interceptions and handing the opponent a first down and 15 yards is basically like setting the die in a game of Monopoly for you to land on Free Parking and scoop up the stash. SO annoyed.

b. Foles. Nick Foles. I think the man just took the #2 spot with the sweet performance. Well, maybe only because he ran with the first string offense.

c. Michael Vick needs to stop getting punished. It’s just preseason sir, save those hits for game-winning touchdown throws in the Super Bowl. Please. PLEASE.

<3thank you


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