preseason week 3


Mr. Flacco must have read my last entry! =). Didn’t think it would travel that far but something is boiling over there in Baltimore. Wait wait, that was against the Jaguars. 48-17 blow out only means that Jacksonville’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string defenses are not in a position where they want to be. Now perform well against the Eagles Mr. Flacco, and I just might hand you the ‘quarterback of the future’ scratch and sniff sticker. Because last year’s quarterback rating [stunk].


Aaron Rodgers with what? 2 rushing touchdowns? Is this some sort of sick joke? I knew this man could scramble and run when flushed out of the pocket but both touchdowns on his feet were both to the front corner of the end zones with the ball grazing over the pylon. What we know of Mr. Rodgers is not what you witnessed. We usually see him throw a safe 12-yard pass to the corner or a back-shoulder fade. But it’s interesting that Mr. Rodgers developed a 4th check down, by carrying the ball for 6 points himself.


With the three stooges on the Arizona Cardinal quarterback list, I can only let out a chuckle. One of those shoulder-raising-hand-over-mouth giggles. I can’t imagine what Ken Whisenhunt is imagining right now. He must be holding his breath when the quarterback lets go of the ball and not just holding his breath but crossing his fingers hoping to God the ball is at least in the vicinity of Larry Fitzgerald, Todd Heap or … Michael Floyd. A lot of other receivers on that roster but I honestly can’t give you any analysis on these young bucks yet. “Big, strong hands, and awareness” sounds a bit too cliche when it comes to constructively criticizing the younger generation. Jake Locker seems to be locking up the spot but who really knows for now?



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