preseason week 4.0

10 completions 12 attempts 122 yards and 2 touchdowns.

There’s the Mr. Peyton Manning we all knew and admired. Like two watered-down soda performances before today’s crisp pop beverage, I’ll have to admit, I’m a bit confused. If I’m sitting in front of my laptop the night of my Fantasy Football draft and Manning is available in the 3rd round, do I … ?

If I were to randomly be abducted today, held at gunpoint and the masked shooter strangely forced me to choose you or another quarterback, I’d deny. Sorry Mr. Manning, inconsistency is an issue. It’s not you, it’s the whole offense. I just don’t feel comfortable trusting that Eric Decker, or Willis McGahee, or Demaryius Thomas, or Lance Ball, OR Brandon Stokely will … stay healthy for all 16 regular season games. In three possessions you shredded 2011′s #4 ranked defense in the San Francisco 49ers. Your effort was heart-warming. You even took a crucial hit on that long completion to Lance Ball. Great touch especially with Parys Haralson blitzing.

Frankly, I just don’t see the Denver Broncos with any match-ups in their favor this season. It’s a coin-flip away when deciding who’s victorious facing division rivals, Oakland and Kansas City.

It upset my stomach when I realized how sad the New York Jets offense will be this year. On paper it’s like a movie script that no A, B, or C-list actor will want to read off. I don’t think an extra with a complementary lunch offer and promised minimum wage would want to be in the scene. The potential of the offense is a dry throat and a dry toast. Their defense will be one exhausted backbone as they toil on the turf for three hours. (three and a half quarters.) Offensive teams will win by seven field goals in the Meadowlands.

Terrell Owens, sir. Look on the bright side, you can pet your cockiness every night. Beat that cockiness like it owes you money, as David Chapelle might say.

Sorry to say Redskins and Colts fans, between RG3 and Andrew Luck, I’m going to stick with neither. I don’t see any future with either quarterback. After all the hype downs down, I see the two struggling. It’s something about where they grew up and what University they played at. They’re fascinating and majestic to watch, but the buzz around them will flatten and shrink like a deflated balloon.

It appears that the NFL has truly accepted the label of being a ‘quarterback’ league, where games are decided by how well a quarterback performs.


Team chemistry wins games, when all 53-men all play for each other and not themselves. There’s always a Lucifer lurking around in each team but once the sly snake is hacked off the tree, THEN we’re talking winning record, baby.

Walking around serving guests at Silver Diner, I glance at the HDTV hanging from the ceiling at the counter  to get a quick fix on the NFL Network. Of course I changed the channel . What intrigued me to write about in this entry was how sad it is to be a back-up quarterback. You thought starting quarterbacks had it hard? No way, get real. The BACK-UP actually has the hardest job if you sit there and think about it. Unless you’re a compassion-less, hard-headed brute, a speck of sympathy will help you see clearly what I mean.

Let’s take a look at a few back-ups quarterbacks.

Derek Anderson, Cleveland Browns. Filling in for a game against the Kansas City Chiefs after Charlie Frye took a hot hit, Derek Anderson lead the victorious way in a rock-and-roll fashion. He was instrumental after throwing two touchdowns in a comeback 31-28 win after regulation hours. Then he had a successful season after that, filling in for Mr. Frye again and accounted for 5 TDs in a gun-war against the Bengals. (*Carson Palmer had 6 so …) He took the Cleveland Browns on a 10-5 journey (not starting 1 game), and made the 2008 Pro Bowl as an alternate. Bright future from a young man, or we expected. The man went to Arizona on a great deal and wasn’t as successful. After suffering a couple concussions, he sat on the bench with Max Hall finishing for him. He is with the Carolina Panthers now.

Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn, Matt Leinart, Kevin Kolb, Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, Jay Cutler, and a strew of many backup quarterbacks are suffering the same symptoms. It burns my heart to see the great talent’s fire die out like a star with a short life. They twinkled for a few weeks and faded into the a dirt and rocks we call ‘space’.

You have my sympathy

<3thank you


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