The Week Three Stooges and Happy 120th Anniversary, NFL!

I accepted the fact that this world is getting tackier by the minute. But as the dowdiness rubs off on my already-lame ways, I’m developing an emotional attachment to it.

I want to have a Nostradamus moment: proclaim a wild and extraterrestrial statement and cross my fingers even in my casket hoping that it will come true someday.

the NFL will start featuring shirtless male cheerleaders in the future. 

Okay, on a more serious note: The NFL will expand their 32 teams to 36 and unanimously decide on an 18-game season, cutting down their preseason ones from 4 to 2. 

The clownish antics of Chad Ochocinco used to be the highlight of my Sunday afternoons. After the league decided they could make money off of his comical celebrations, he slowed down to a halt and I no longer got to chuckle with my mouth full of Doritos. But they’ve replaced the comedy to something even better, if not the best. A sincere thanks to the referees that are currently reffing their asses off and taking a LOT of heat almost after every play. You are my heroes. Because I laugh with you gentlemen, and the one lady in stripes, not at you. I know you’re all giggling inside your heads — like these players need to chill. I’m just doing my job!? 

If it weren’t for the “replacement” labels screaming on top of its lungs, I’m positive, 100% positive, that nobody would be complaining this harshly. You are all under one title: the NFL officiating council. Mike Pereira, the former vice president of NFL officiating, received the same number of phone calls week in and week out before these stooges came to town.

America is doing what America loves.

Dramaticizing everything. America – the home of the brave. America, does she love to speculate, nag, it’s in her nature. The game of football has been around for 120 years, yes the inception of professional football was in 1892.

What we fail to realize, is that referees are human beings. They’re not getting paid on the side to rig games. They’re not geeking out when they’re making bad calls. Their faces are grave, with thoughts of death. They fully acknowledge that a psycho mega-fan could be hiding under his car after a poorly-called game. Why do we do that to people? Why do we put others under heavy duress, pressure them to the point that they drive themselves to suicide or resignation? It’s not justifiable.

So to the referees,

Please keep doing what you’re doing. These fans can’t do anything but complain. Don’t let the aimless chatter affect your lives. If I’m overreacting or venting for no reason, tell me to shut up. I’m pretty sure your mental toughness levels must be at an all-time high at this point in your lives, and yes, there are a few things you could work on. But as the others are on strike, enjoy your paychecks and do the best that you can.



quick tidbits

The Baltimore field goal was good. Watch the replay. Do not test the integrity of Bill Belichick and slap him with a fine! He was only asking for clarification, because in his defense, all scoring plays are required to be reviewed. He grabbed the man’s arm for his attention.

Revis Island has sunk. Torn ACL. I was recently in New York at a bar with a bunch of Jets fans cheering and enjoying the game. I can hear them softly whimpering now.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 0-3 in my book. 2-1 is a misnomer. Their scrawny receiver corp. is not exactly what will take them far this season. Their busted o-line is suffering and that equals one thing, a injury prone Michael Vick and everybody behind him (Nick Foles, Trent Edwards). That depth sucks. Their defense is exposable. Please solidify yourselves before it’s too late.

Top defenses imo: Seattle, Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore.

RIP to Torrey Smith’s brother. Congrats on the W.

In my Podcast last week I said that Carson Palmer would seek and fulfill his revenge with the Raiders against the Steelers. Worked like a charm.

I also said that whoever does better between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson will win that game. The latter threw for two. I didn’t think the ‘noise’ would affect the Packers, as they did convert 46% of their third down conversions and silence the crowd, but I guess with a sequence of mysterious events, the Seahawks sealed the deal in the waning moments of a game, as they failed to do against the Cardinals. (Think about Seattle being 3-0!) I’m kind of happy that I picked the right team to win. (Seattle)

That was an offensive catch. Simultaneous catch.

The Falcons are looking sharper than a Sharpie.

Every team is good. Therefore, it’s a race to whoever finds their rhythms the fastest…

The Redskins are .. abc defg hi! Jk LmNo p? Qrs TuvW XYZ.

I’ve never liked the man but over the years developed a mutual love for Peyton Manning. CLEARLY failed to see how much of a true legend he is. Pathetic me.

Who knows, every team could still finish 8-8 this season. I’m not lying about that. Nothing is impossible………………………………



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