Good afternoon!

As Election Day nears and citizens set to bubble in their ballots, I’m thinking about the politics of football. Like the campaign, there are two major sides, as we know them as the Democrats, and the Republicans.

In the NFL, there are 32 teams, sixteen in each Conference labeled as the NFC, National Football Conference, and as the AFC, the American Football Conference. The NFC, like the Democrats, is designed by blue colors, whereas the AFC, like the Republicans, is decorated in red. Some conspiracy theorists are always trying to expose the corrupted government and detox the myth that our democracy is run by a secret, heavily-funded group. Those who obsess over the idea of nepotism in politics might want to research some of the conspiracies that go on in the National Football League.

Because there are times before I go to bed and think that the sport I love is run by the Mafia.

Yes, I said Mafia. Somewhere in a mansion in Barbados Al Pacino has his feet up on a golden desk, puffing on Cuban cigar. In his basement are gambling lords with their laptops set up, researching data to determine the betting lines for the upcoming week. A betting line looks like this:

DET@CHI O/U 46.0 Chi -3

Let’s analyze that real quick:
DET@CHI – Detroit Lions play the Bears in Chicago.
O/U 46 – Over/Under, the final score will sum up to 46 points
Chicago -3 – Chicago Bears are giving the Lions an additional 3 points

As a gambler, a fan will need to research the following: Will both teams score more or less than a total of 46 points? If the final outcome reads 26 Detroit Lions, 30 Chicago Bears, the total is 56 points. Meaning, if I bet money on the Over, I’d profit.

Let’s say that the Chicago Bears do win 30 to 26. Remember that -3 after the Bears? You subtract 3 points from that 30. What do you get? Right, the math says 27. The Bears, in the Wager World, wins the game by a 1 point margin, 27-26. So if my $5,000 bet was on “Bears, over” I’d profit $15,000, with a $20,000 in my account next Tuesday.

$5000 + $5,000 (for choosing over) = $10,000 x 2 (for getting both correct) = $20,000

Bettors swarm the line making phone calls to their Bookies until the very last minute before a game starts. A Bookie is the man who collects the money and records your name and phone number in his book. Be smart, pay your losses. The Bookie is the man who isn’t afraid to cut off your fingers for a measly amount of money. Basically, you have a better chance running away from Jigsaw.

I’m not old enough to say that I’ve seen it all. Just last week a friend called me and asked if what my thoughts were on the game on Monday night. I created a formula last year to predict the outcomes of these games and I’ll say that I chose an average of 4 out of 6 games correctly on a weekly basis. But these swings are insane. A team winning 13-0 for 58 minutes looking good to help you profit from your bet. 2 minutes before the final whistle, the opposing team scores a field goal and the final score leaves you bummed: 13-3. The spread, which claimed that Team X would be giving Team Y 11 points, just lost money for you. (Subtract 11 from 13, and you get 2)

If becoming an overnight millionaire is part of your plan, although possible, I would not recommend investing your life savings on these games. The unpredictable finales don’t really help the fan enjoy the game, and the last thing you want to do eating your Doritios is choking on the cheesy chip after you blow away your paycheck.


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