Why unfinished?

We still have four weeks left.

For the confused:

Start at the top (Ravens) and go right. The Ravens beat the Chiefs, Chiefs beat the Saints and so forth.

The Saints are notorious for winning and losing one game. They’ve blessed the Chiefs their only victory this season and scarred the Falcons with their only “L” in their red column.

Continue and you’ll learn that the Redskins slaughtered the  Eagles, who barely beat the Browns, and the Browns beat the Bengals, which is weird again, because the team from Cincinnati upended the Super Bowl champions, the Giants.

Of course the Giants took on a shaky Cowboys (they play in heels, not boots) squad easily. Dallas and Tampa Bay was decided by six points, and the Buccaneers hot, 4-game winning streak includes 2 teams from the AFC West, the Chargers and the Raiders. (The Chargers beat the Raiders.)

The Cardinals upset the the Patriots, who then went on to angrily manhandle the New York Jets. The Colts won an emotional game against the Packers in Indianapolis, which I feel is a season-changing victory for them. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers shhhhhhh-ilenced the mighty Texans at their own house and I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Any Given Sunday (1999) is just a movie but the proverbial title rings loud in the National Football League still today.

As I mentioned before, there are 4 exciting more weeks left, so we’ll see how the story unfolds!

Until next time, keep a look out for the parity in the NFL to finish its cycle.


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