Colin Dapper-nick will need to look exceptionally sharp on Super Bowl Sunday

Colin Kaepernick, rising junior, future super star

Colin Kaepernick, rising junior, future super star

If you consider yourself religious and fashionable, can I guess that church-Sunday is your favorite day of the week?

On Super Bowl Sunday, Colin Kaepernick, or Dapper-nick as I like to call him, will have to put on more than just his usual crimson-red 49ers jersey–he’ll have to put on the best show that he’s ever televised since his first start in 2012 against the Chicago Bears. That amazing episode.

Do not let his lanky 6-foot-4 frame fool you, his daddy-long legs will leave you biting dust if you pursue him at the wrong angle. The 25-year-old’s jersey number, the same as Michael Vick’s, was called upon after Alex Smith went down with a concussion in the tilt vs. the St. Louis Rams.

Kaep rose to the occasion, yet ended in a 24-24 tie. San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh stuck with his gut and handed the keys to the bus of their franchise to. ……………………… a 25-year-old sophomore.

The inexplicable, but fortunately correct, decision has paid off for Harbaugh and his coaching career after bus driver Colin Dapper-nick has driven his team safely to New Orleans, their second-to-last stop. The fuel that the bus runs on is vengeance and motivation.

It will be a glorious day to hoist the trophy for Frank Gore (8), Isaac Sopoaga (9), Brian Jennings (13), Vernon Davis (7), Michael Crabtree (4), and Patrick Willis (6) (just to name a few) who have played every season with the 49ers since their post-college days.

It would be perfect for a future Hall of Famer such as Randy Moss to finish his adversity-bloated career with a Super Bowl victory in his repertoire.

A wallet-sized picture of him lifting his hands when the confetti sprays from the heavens, I’d buy that.


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