Wishful thinking

NEW ORLEANS — Neither head coach from the Super Bowl XLVII will fly home on a bitter note, as the City of Brotherly Love has relocated from Philadelphia to New Orleans just for the night.

Both coaches broke into tears at mid-field after the game, a spot where usually the two men would glance at each other, mumble a few words before walking towards their respective locker rooms following a firm handshake. This special moment was different, only because it deserved to be, with two brothers by blood embraced one another and whispered compliments back-and-forth like an intense match of table tennis.

Technically–neither coach “won” this game or “lost”, as the tremendous support and respect that they have for each other  will inevitably be overshadowed by their unique relationship–as siblings.

In this retrospect, I’d like to claim that this Super Bowl resulted in a tie, a result that I’ve been yearning for since the conclusion of the AFC and NFC Championships.

The loyalty and patience of Ed Reed deserves a ring on one of his fingers that got a hand on the deflected passes or interceptions he’s accumulated throughout his career. Randy Moss, who’s overcome much adversity throughout his football life from the lows with the Tennessee Titans, to enjoying the highs in New England, deserves to hoist the Lombardi Trophy with his hands that had to outstretch in order to receive an overthrown ball from Kerry Collins (who quarterbacked for the Raiders and the Titans whenever Moss was there) or snag the pigskin one-handed against Charles Woodson (I’ve a football card for proof).

Both coaches should hoist the trophy together, Ed Reed and Randy Moss should play for the same team next season and the 49ers will unravel their sixth NFL Super Bowl  banner at Candlestick Park on Monday morning.


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