Mad-hair Monday

Told the barber to cover up my bald spot, if anything, cut my hair short and make it as unnoticeable as possible.
In the middle of cutting, he sprays my head with something that smells like a hair spray.
I ask him if it’s hair spray.
He says it’s something that I shouldn’t worry too much about.
I’m hoping it’s not Rogaine, but I trust him, like anyone sitting in a barber’s chair should.
When he finishes, he lets me hold up a mirror and I see that the white spot on the back of my head is gone. Yay.
When I get home and wash up, I notice the color of the water dripping from my head is black.
I realized that I successfully walked around campus for twenty minutes with my head spray-painted black and feeling mad hairy and confident.

It was, indeed, too good to be true.


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