To WNFL or Not to WNFL? That is the question.

Since its inception in 2004, the Lingerie Bowl has endured its share of flops. (No pun intended.)

Yep, people all across the country watched 7-on-7 women’s tackle football featuring curvy female athletes in underwear and sports bras — but wasn’t as big of a hit we thought it would jiggle out to be.

After a brief, three-year fallout period (from 2007-09), the ladies strapped up once again. The second-go around was worse than watching a botched flea-flicker play.

The thinly-clad sport now is no longer Pay-per-View.  It’s on MTV, home of Jersey Shore and other wacky T.V. shows.

Will or will the female population not attempt to fight for a league of their own, the WNFL?

Basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, billiards…the list goes on. Poker even features female-only circuit events. But why not football!?

Don’t get me wrong, these girls are world-class superstars in their own right. Their physicality is off the charts. Stressing over purple circles on their thighs after their games? Expected. In no way am I biased against female athletes (I’m actually more attracted to them), so with a few rule modifications let’s (please) get these girls under full pads and real helmets, the long pants that the men wear, and cover their bare chests with actual jerseys.

Sam Gordon Visits the NFL Network

Sam Gordon, has a nice hall-of-fame-player-ring to it doesn’t it? She’s outrunning boys that are older and larger than her. She’s laying out heavier kids and most awesomely, breaking necks as her Pop Warner suitors fall on their knees over and over again.

Oh yea, guess what. She’s only nine-years-old.

This could be a new beginning, a fresh start for the women who love footall. The Lingerie Bowl should take another hiatus, sit back and think of a new way of attacking the market. Take a legitimate shot at building the WNFL. Please.


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