Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins

Really?  I mean, seriously?

Thanks to the Bills’ lack of quarterback-manship, the Redskins played a well-rounded game. well-rounded, but not solid.

40 minutes. Fine, 38 minutes and 52 seconds, to be exact. In that time frame (which is plenty of time), the fighting match for Washington’s QB3 position unraveled.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for poor ol’ Coach Mike Shanahan. Aside from notes he’s already had from watching practice and their previous two games, Coach Shanahan didn’t learn anything from today’s evaluation.

Sorry, but we’re all aware that Pat White goes to his left and runs the read-option slower than RGIII, and Rex Grossman will forever throw off his back foot and overcompensate for his “superior” arm strength.

And that’s what we spectators spectated. OC Kyle Shanahan rushed to the right hash mark to create ample space for White to comfortably run the ball into the endzone. Besides the six points from his legs, White overthrew his receivers twice when throwing to his weak side and hit his wideouts in stride when crossing through the middle.
7/14 96 yards 3 rushes 26 yards 1 TD

Rex Grossman struck gold in the endzone, hooking up with the Redskins No. 1 receiver Pierre Garcon.
Grossman’s gross performance was almost forgotten when slot wideout Santana Moss managed to catch a risky pass in good coverage and ran for an extra 30 yards on third down.

Grossman returned to poor form shorty after that and the Redskins offense again sputtered in the redzone like broken garden sprinklers.

The final preseason game tape should (hopefully) be enough for coach Shanahan to decide which link is weaker between the two.

Amerson did not impress me this evening. He clapped his hands on the play Stevie Johnson fumbled the pigskin – but the rookie cornerback missed the tackle. The rookie played like a youngster should, overdoing it on the respect (cushion between DB/WR) on X down-and-short situations.


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