Sigh 0-1

Sigh 0-1

My mistakes:

1. Starting Zach Sudfeld (0 points) over Brandon Pettigrew (-.93). At least the Lions tight end had a chance and touched the ball.

2. Regretful that I drafted too many RBs: Eddie Lacy (14) and F-Jax (14) and Giovani (4) and D-Richardson (14.85)

Why my hopes are up:

1. Steve Smith contributes 12.6 and Wes Welker 19.49. What more could you ask for from Cam Newton and Peyton Manning?

2. I started Lance Moore over Miles Austin due to a gut-feeling.  I look forward to starting Austin Week 2.

Why I lose: 

1. Didn’t start Miles.

2. Zac Sudfeld stunk.

3. RGIII won the game for our commissioner on Monday night.

Le sigh, here we go again.


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