I hate losing to Booty Call 757. Something about his username annoys me.

Ladies if you thought that you held most of the power to get your boys down –  think again.

This right here, losing by a hair, a split-end, puts me in a [expletive] mood.

Clearly. Just CLEARLY I was due for my 1st score, and now I . . .  sit here with my arms crossed and staring at this STUPID 0-4 record.


Whenever I bench Alex Smith (26.62) he thinks it’s funny and blows up. Russell Wilson’s matchup vs Houston, clearly enticing. Yet again trolls me (13.62) when he starts.

Giovani Bernard vs. Cleveland? Nah, I don’t trust the Bengals to run well. Wait. Of course they’d run well, they don’t allow 300-yard passers!

Who cares, when F-Jax (17.90) is screaming from the bench, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, I’VE BLOWN UP FOR YOU EVERY WEEK AND YET I’M STILL WARMING THESE SEATS!? C’MON SON!”

Get my act together…

Get my act together… I’m telling myself.

I over-studied and over-researched way too much preparing for this season.

Drastic measures . . . soon.


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