Hello readers, what’s new?

Oh, not much here for me, just another depressing weekend of Fantasy Football. I sure did fall off the league’s map with this soon-to-be-loss, looking at a (probable) 2-6 record.

Ra, ra. If only they paid out the worst record by season’s end. If only.

FF W10

Hopefully I find a league commissioner who’ll invite me in 2014.  I promise I’ve learned from my shenanigans.

1. I kicked Calvin Johnson off my team for Adrian Peterson. So far, so not-so-good. That’s a lot of so’s.

Two for the price of one: Eddie Lacy and AP are performing at a substandard level, of course, the bar that I raised and set for them. …

2. I thought Rueben Randle would outperform (even if it wasn’t by much), Victor Cruz for the remainder of the season. Still might happen.

3. “COMING TO A THEATER NOT NEAR ME”: C.J. Spiller Gets Hurt. Which means that I should’ve gotten more value for Fred Jackson. …

4. Players fighting Injuries this season, or the other way around — either way — Injuries are winning. Good bye, Mike Williams. Nice knowing ya.

5. Whew, I know you’ll like this sweet delightful scoop of blueberries: I picked up Drew Davis in the nick of time. Speaking of nicks, maybe Hakeem Nicks should think about pushing for a trade to Atlanta. …

6. Denarius Moore suffered the Terrelle Pryor virus against the Steelers yesterday.

7. It is highly, HIGHLY possible that Seattle’s Russell Wilson puts up 50 points against a shambled, battered, Rams defense.

Wait, who am I kidding? Of course he wouldn’t. …



2-6 to 7-6, you ready?


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