received advice from #espn 980’s andy pollin, greg burton, kevin van valkenburg, gregg rosenthal, seth wickersham? check
worked out a semi-pro football player? check
got owned by a semi-pro basketball player? check
liked a girl but never told her? check
been robbed and hustled by friends in a poker game? check
played quarterback in 8th grade? check
played football freshman year? check
won six flag football championships? check
made fun of for having a lisp? check
befriended an amzing group of coaches and mentors: Coach Ballard, Coach Rhoades, Coach Wade, Coach Bopp, Coach Eddie, Coach Smart, Coach Morrell
practiced my S words and got rid of it? checkwas followed home from springfield mall and robbed for jordan 11s (concords)? check
befriended Dr. Wiegardt, UC’s Adviser at VCU, her mentorship will pay off
counselor holly guelig and adviser mrs. kim hanneman – will cherish their genuine guidance
befriended monroe park towers’ staff, best tenants and security guards, always down for a good conversation

started a fist fight with a friend, got punched in the eye (contact lenses shattered in my eye) and then went to honey pig right after? check
been punched in the lip for absolutely no reason, did a pencil drop backwards on the concrete, got a concussion and missed 4 days of work?
had black paint sprayed over my bald spot and thought the barber gave me the best haircut ever? check
auditioned for ny kollab contest but got owned? check
composed piano songs? check
recorded rap and collaborated with talented people? check
performed spoken word poetry at Verses Tuesdays and Emilio’s? check
traveled to egypt, mexico, taiwan, thailand? check
win a men’s football tournament? check
beat the best team in a football tournament with mediocre talent? check
screwed over? check
screw over? check
kept a journal for 15 years and still going strong? check
inspired by others? check
inspired others? check
fired from seasons 52 for reading a text message while polishing the 48th and final wine glass? check
worked for a 5-star hotel restaurant (lemaire at the jefferson hotel)? check
served at glory days bar and grill, fireside grill, seasons 52 wine bar and grill, cafe chocolate, k-mart, korshi, and silver diner (twice), and bonchon? check
emailed gregg rosenthal two years ago when he was with PFT? check
acquire rosenthal’s email address two years later while working at bonchon in richmond? check
contributed 100+ articles and blogged 100+ entries? check
volunteered for the redskins and got sunburned? check
talked to a woman unaware she was suffering depression but God changed her life? check
almost peed on a man, gave him a ride to the metro and shared the gospel  with him? check
evicted? (that’s what i get for living with a stranger) check
intern for vcu basketball team? check
write front cover story for ct? check
fought with mom for the car, didn’t get it, then scootered to a girlfriend’s house in the snow? check
peed in my car’s gas tank? check
dozed off on the road and almost died? check
have two best friends for 25 years? check
have best girl friend for +10 years? check
collected 1000+ football cards? check

and the list goes on…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For all those who weary from the daily grind, give everything to God and He’ll carry your burden. I didn’t write this checklist to brag about what I’ve been through, in fact, I created this list to help me remember how faithful God is and how much of His warm grace I’ve been bathing in my whole life.

God is a gentle God, and once you can grasp, even a speck of His nature, you’ll realize that all things are possible when you wholeheartedly place your faith in Him.

Don’t give up, pursue your dreams, and always pray with thanksgiving.

God wants to provide His children with the very best so trust in His flawless timing.


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