Secret Thank Yous

No it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I am in an utterly grateful mood. Actually, everyday is Thanksgiving – never forget that – no matter how gray the clouds gloom.

Thank you Readers

I check the stats, trust me. I see that three people read my page yesterday. That’s a small amount, yes, but hey – I’m a blogger, there’s millions out there like me who aren’t getting any clicks at all. At the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Thank you, ___________

Two years ago I visited a friend down at JMU, in Harrisonburg, Va. I didn’t expect you to email me back but there it was, “call me xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

I called, you answered, you bashed me down for 1) not having any internships under my belt 2) for not trying hard enough and 3) being a junior in college.

“Journalism doesn’t fall on your lap.”

Because of you, undressing me down with your words, I went back to Richmond, applied to two internships and got them both: The Commonwealth Times and The Black Sheep Journal. I called you back two years later and thanked you – you didn’t change one bit. Stay that way until we meet in person.

Thank you, ____________

I was extremely disoriented after I lost my opportunity to intern for the women’s basketball team at VCU. But when the manager emailed you and asked you to interview me, I couldn’t believe my luck. When we met up at Jimmy John’s, I remember sitting there like a nervous wreck and praying deep inside that you’d give me a chance.

Out of 33,000 students at VCU, you invited me to the first practice and everything was history after that. I made great friends all because you hired me as your videographer. There’d be no such thing as a Camera Dance if it wasn’t for your discernment. I’m baffled to this day.

Thank you, ___________, ____________, ___________

One showed me her college transcript. A 2.4 grade point average for the first however many years, you literally showed me that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to graduate, as long as you finish. You showed me the last handful of semesters, in which you recorded straight As, and that motivated me enough to get me out.

You believe in me, is there anything else I could ask for?

You taught me how to research for job interviews and the right things to say. It’s worked. Brilliant.

Thank you, _____________

For the free haircuts. I genuinely enjoyed filming your son’s basketball games every Saturday.

Thank you, _____________

Your loyalty speaks volumes. Our friendship is so close, too close at times. It’s an unhealthy amount – I guess we’re good at digesting it all, aren’t we.

Thank you, _____________

For getting me your nephew’s autograph. I will cherish our endless conversations at night, usually until you locked the doors and got off your shift. I never minded staying in the office with you for all the hours that I did.

Thank you, ____________

For never judging me. You were always telling me about how good the Lord is, and reminded me to keep the faith. I only got to chat with you in the elevator in the mornings, but don’t worry – more than the talks I’ll remember your bubbly personality and strong faith.

Thank you, ___________

For coming to Korshi and listening to my corny jokes. I gave you my email and did the usual – hope. God works in mysterious ways, and I now that I think about it – I recall you saying that you were looking for someone to help you with writing grant proposals. It’s been a pleasure working for you, and yes –  you’re right – I’ve yet to work for a better boss.

Thank you, ___________

I apologize for not going to the Wizards’ networking event like you suggested me to. I did not have the time. It’s not everyday a founder of a company puts me in her circle. It’s such a pleasant surprise I don’t know what to make of it.

Thank you, ____________

For a lot. A lot of patience.

Trying to be there for me must be worse than changing your future kid’s diaper. At least I know you’re ready for that.

#HTTR, sike

Thank you, _______, ________, ________

For putting me in my place. I’m not a good quarterback, I get that — but having me even offer to pay for your buffet meal at the end of the season taught me what it means to be a friend more than serving you as a ball-thrower.

Thank you, ___________

Televise the Revolution! Our band really showcased who I am as a person. Because of you friends I was able to perform at open mics with regularity and it definitely helped me shy out of my “rap closet.”

It boosted my self-confidence, too, every time I stood behind the mic I imagined myself reporting for ESPN or NFL Network. I enjoyed being the only Korean speaking truth to a house full of other races whether it was Addis, Emilio’s, or all those empty nights (performers only) at Aurora and Ken Tico’s … I will never forget ❤


changing gears


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