Never enough gratitude

Proverbs 16:9, oh how this verse comforts me.

Thank you, Mr. Andy Pollin – for setting a college student’s heart ablaze with one shaky phone call. “Journalism doesn’t fall on your lap, you’ve got to go out and get it.”

Never did I expect to come this far, and nearly all of it I owe to your brashness.

Thank you, Mr. Gregg Rosenthal – for the five words you emailed me. when I asked you for your advice “Read and write every day.”

Thank you, Mr. Seth Wickersham, Mr. Kevin Van Valkenburg, Mr. Ohm Youngmisuk, Mr. Greg Burton, and Mr. Pat Tomka, for the words of wisdom and the insight that you planted in this relentless soul.

Thank you, Mr. Jeff South, for saying that I could potentially scare off employers if I showed them my 15-years worth of journals stashed in a shoe box. I learned that you only scare away the wrong people.

Thank you Mr. Ohm Youngmisuk, for usually responding to me whenever I message you on Facebook.

Thank you, Dr. Wiegardt, Mrs. Kim Hanneman, Counselor Holly Guelig, for the infinite guidance and genuine encouragement. Your support and concern will never be forgotten.

Thank you, VCU Men’s Basketball Staff – Coach Smart, Coach Ballard, Coach Rhoades, Coach Wade, Video Coordinator Don Lind, Dwight Perry, Coach Morrell, Coach Bopp, Coach Roose – ah, I cannot explain.

Thank you, to the sharpest and best graduate assistants and student managers at VCU Basketball: Rafik, Paden, Brad, Graham, Nathan, Mak, David, Neal, Clayton, Tre

Thank you, Mr. Kevin and Greg Kristof, for the stints with Zero Gravity Basketball. And the Jameson.

Thank you, Johnny Vy, for helping someone across the States and retrieving Mr. Justin Hathaway’s email address.

Thank you, NFL Films internship coordinators Mr. Ron Schreier and Ms. Cara Angelucci, for that one-hour interview. I will earn my way in.

Thank you, NFL Producer Mr. Jay Jackson, for ignoring me at the right time, especially when I needed more fuel to keep the fire burning.

Thank you Paden and Brad, I’m proud that I can say that I know you studs.

Thank you writing staff, Brian Tinsman and Stephen Czarda, for providing me a VIP pass to get a closer look during the training camp in Richmond. And thank you Tinsman, for setting up a unique and once-in-a-life-time opportunity and allowing me to sit alongside you and the staff in the press box.

Thank you, Mrs. Caitlin Byun, for taking your time to talk with me about God’s plans. You’re 100 percent correct; I’ll succeed only if it’s God’s will.

From the first to the last bit of gratitude,

I’ve thanked, do thank, and will thank, God for directing my steps and keeping me safe to get to this point. 


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