Red Wine and Football: Problems with the NFL’s Image

The NFL needs auditing. Not the financial kind, but a careful check or review of their moral code, their so-called shield of integrity. A reality check.

Bud Light, the official beer of the NFL. “Cold Hard Facts”, brought to you by Coors Light brew. The League has championed the commercialization of alcoholic beverages, loosely supporting their fans to drink every Thursday evening, all day Sunday, and Monday nights. (And sadly, there have been conversations fluttering around about how Commissioner Roger Goodell may add more days to the NFL calendar.)

As if three days isn’t enough. As if our football-fiending fans don’t subconsciously think about purchasing a 24-case of Pabst Blue Ribbon at the grocery store when they originally came for nachos, dip and sodas.

Red wine is to steak, as football is (becoming) to alcohol. Passion and adrenaline for the game falsely intensifies with the Jameson fans chug after every completion.

Former NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth drives drunk and on the way home, kills a 58-year-old construction worker. Facing 15 years in jail, if convicted, the then-Browns’ wideout posts $200,000 bail, admits fault, appears sorrowful, apologizes, and is sentenced to a laughable 30 days in jail and a one-year suspension from our wonderful League.

Of course, to us regular humans, that sort of miracle is winning the Super Bowl … of Life. Imagine the bitterness that ensued. Mario Reyes’ family must despise America’s favorite sport; to them, Goodell is Badell.

Blowing a .126 is not a joke, not even on April Fool’s Day. But that’s what Stallworth did, blowing the money ($35 mil/7 years) he made. …sitting on the bench with an injury in 2008.

Cue in Michael Vick’s case. His name blows more windchimes in the NFL community; after all, Vick did grace the Madden cover not once, but twice in his lifetime. He was charged for dogfighting, animal abuse, unlawful gambling and drugs, and served 23 months in jail, followed by three more years of probation. Dogfighting-boys and girls-don’t get caught up. Consuming yummy mixed drinks (Redbull, lime and Grey Goose), on the contrary is okay, kids.

Wait, who’s coming with me to the next Kenny Chesney concert? Well, we should all try to go back stage and yell derogatory, racist remarks at the bouncer. Trust me, we’re in ‘Good’s’ hands. We are white, so is he. Actually, let’s write our drafts right now before we head out. Twitter, the best outlet to release our remorseful statements. Don’t worry, I’ll attend a few counseling sessions, pay a fine, get in a fight with Cary Williams. The NFL will ban the “N” word, and then I, Riley Cooper, will sign a $25 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. An untamed tongue is better than inebriating myself and running someone over trying to catch the bus.

Or killing a teammate.

Former Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent’s blood alcohol content was registered at .18, (.044 greater than Stallworth’s), when he killed his close friend and teammate Jerry Brown. Convicted of intoxication manslaughter, Brent was fined a babyish sum of $10,000, served 180 days in jail and 10 years of probation–meaning he has to pass all of his urine tests and keep a spotless recored until he turns 35.

The Browns’ household must despise the “F” word. (Footbal.)

Now cue in DeSean Jackson, the City of Brotherly Love’s ‘gangster’. Media has a strategic way of ruining reputations. Did you know? DJax’s organization, the DeSean Jackson Foundation, was founded to raise awareness on Pancreatic Cancer. The foundation provides healthcare screening to undeserved populations in the community. But the football player was released by the Eagles, who were said to have been fearful of his ties with gangs in the past.

Right….Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid brought in Vick to bolster an offense that sputtered behind Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb.

Second-year head coach Chip Kelly slices his deepest threat, Jackson, off the roster after re-signing Jeremy Maclin and Cooper. Cat got your tongue is more like an eagle’s talon ripped mine.

The wise say it’s best to think before you speak. I’m speechless. The NFL seriously needs to reevaluate their actions and think about the lives that their actions are affecting, especially how they’re allowing the next generation of fans to believe that it’s better to get away with a DUI and murder than organizing rings to watch pit bulls kill each other, use racist remarks and befriending the “wrong crowd.”

If goalpost-dunking is wrong, so is getting hammered on Sundays. Food for thought: If a black football player verbally shredded a white citizen, the world would squeal.

What, or who, is the NFL shield truly protecting?

Feel free to comment.

NFL, check yourselves before you wreck yourselves,




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