Updated Dinner Table Etiquette Guide

Sad but true: technology is taking over our dining experience one click at a time.

1. Elbows should NEVER be on the table unless you’re taking pictures of your food
2. Your FRIEND is taking pictures of his/er dish, make sure your shadow doesn’t cast over one’s plate.
3. PLEASE remove your cellular devices off the dinner table when your server is coming to replenish your sodas, wines or waters.
4. This SAVES everyone a trip to their carrier’s store (liquid spillage).
5. Do not take VAIN SELFIES while chewing your steak.
6. Nobody wants to eat to a soundtrack, please leave your iPhone on vibrate.
7. Sit next to your date and stop TEXTING each other.
8. A steak knife in your right hand, and a fork in your left hand, your Galaxy S4 in your lap, please Lord.
9. Your parents raised you and loved you until you started giggling about what Will Ferrell tweeted 4m ago.
10. Your mother and father deserve your undivided attention, no?
11. Remember to clean your oily touch screens with those hand wipes. Lick the Glory sauce off your fingers. Touch phone. Repeat.
12. Nobody’s counting how many characters you use. Speak up and talk like a man. (Or a woman.)

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