Redskins at Bon Secours Live #NFLTrainingCamp

Again it is a blessing to be sitting here (in a lawn chair this time). God is good, you know the rest. I am drowning in a sea of fans donning burgundy, gold, and navy blue and we have an hour before the players set foot.

It’s torrid in Richmond and the only thing on my mind is how displeased my mother will be with my brown skin.

I’m working towards my dream, mom, you’ll understand later.

On my watch today

Reds-kies: how are the rookies doing?

83 Bolser, Ted TE 6-5 249

26 Breeland, Bashaud CB 5-11 197
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

45W Campbell, Stephen FB 6-1 245

5 Clingan, Blake P 6-0
-fan:”release him, 2-second hang time. Ouch.

35 Davis, Akeem S 6-1 200
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

18 Doss, Lee WR 6-1 178
-very fast running up field

14 Grant, Ryan WR 6-0 193
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

4 Hocker, Zach K 6-0 186

87 Hoffman, Cody WR 6-4 210

17 Lawrence, Rashad WR 6-1 190

60 Long, Spencer G 6-5 311

48 Madison, Ross S 5-11 200

76R McDonough, Jake DE 6-5 280

76 Moses, Morgan T 6-6 318

93 Murphy, Trent LB 6-5 258

24W Redd, Silas RB 5-10 200
One carry, has quick feet

19 Ross, Rashad WR 6-0 167

35W Seastrunk, Lache RB 5-9 200
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

37 Shepherd, Bryan DB 5-10 180

75R Thomas, Robert DL 6-3 325

79R Towns, Jeremy DE 6-4 290

46R Compton, Will LB 6-1 230

62 Stevens, Tevita OL 6-3 302

32 Thompson, Peyton CB 5-11 180
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

Defensive backs: Thomas, Clark, Hall, Rambo, Amerson?

39 Amerson, David CB 6-1 194
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

30 Biggers, E.J. CB 6-0 185

20 Crawford, Richard CB 5-11 192
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills

23 Hall, DeAngelo CB 5-10 198

38 Minnifield, Chase CB 6-0 185
-practiced as a gunner in punting drills
-very fast running up field

22 Porter, Tracy CB 5-11 188

25R Clark, Ryan S 5-11 205

48 Madison, Ross S 5-11 200

31 Meriweather, Brandon S 5-11 198

24 Rambo, Bacarri S 6-0 211

34 Robinson, Trenton S 5-9 193

41 Thomas, Phillip S 6-1 223

Griffin III

Feeling a bit chilly here after watching him orchestrate the offense. First play resulted in a sack. Second play pass complete to Jordan Reed on a slant in front of the ILB. Vince Wilfork picks a tipped pass in the backfield intended for … Santana Moss??!! Helu knifes his way out of traffic up the right gap between guard/tackle for large gain. Here’s a first: a reverse?! Ryan Grant with the ball. Evan Royster is quick, he takes a screen pass from Kirk Cousins for large gain.

DeSean Jackson is open on a lot of plays. Defensive backs are caught staring in the backfield and leave their zones. #FindDJax


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