Rumble, jumbled garbled ramblings

What’s absolute in this life besides Jesus?

Divorces sever marriage vows. Cancer can be conquered. Guarantees don’t fill voids, and friendships, on the contrary to popular belief, end.

Unfortunate yet true, nothing in this world lasts forever. That’s probably why people reject the notion of eternal life. How could there be? It’s a challenge trying to cling onto monogamy for adults – to believe that there’s a God out there who loves and care about me?! Wha?!

There is an unnumerable amount (approximately 1.2 trillion), thoughts ricocheting off the walls of my brain right now. Call it m-indigestion. Mind-full. Mindy, pronounced windy. I want to scream inside a pillow but that’ll wake up my parents and possibly neighbors. I want to go outside and take a walk but it’s 2 degrees and snowing.

Help me, Jesus.




You’re far too kind IIIIIIIII

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God

Philippians 4:6

I guess?

Appreciating an ex is a daunting task, especially if you two broke up on harsh terms. Literally? Yet you spoiled me with love, rotted me with confidence and — ah yes eureka — I know why my heart is eternally grateful for your existence.

Without your prayers and your company, I would, I swear, never have drop-kicked an addiction that I battled for a decade.

You sit there … for how many hours … with nine other guys that … are how old … and lose everything that you work for?

That’s right; those were the words you duct taped, no, stitched my heart with. You were not the first person to persuade me to quit, obviously, but you were the only one to word the phrase in such a mind-blowing way only my stubbornness could grasp. You made my favorite game sound like the most trivial, stupidest  on Earth, which is why I discontinued. …


Thanks for the memories. Thanks for your time. Thanks for making me lunch every morning. Thanks for sharing with me your deepest convictions. Thanks for allowing me help you fight your urges. Thanks for your nakedness. Thanks for your mindfulness. Thanks for your gentleness.

Hope your current antipathy for me will blow over someday. If it does not, I have no complaints.

Redskins Training Camp Live

Bon Secours Training Center in Richmond, Virginia

8:04 AM ET

There’s a calm breeze fighting to cool off the thousands of Patriots and Redskins fans gathered here on this muggy Monday morning.

Anticipations are supreme as excited fans stare at the practice field for the legendary Tom Brady and Washington’s third-year face of the franchise, Robert Griffin III.

Fans heckle and kill the buzz of this cheerful Cowboys fan walking the concourse of humiliation to find his seat. Good luck.

Players are making their way out 12 minutes prior to the official start time for practice (8:35 AMT ET).

Tom Brady spotted.

Both teams are out on the field. Patriot quarterbacks are warming up their arms. Griffin III loafing around. He jogs over to where the Patriots are stretching and shakes Josh Boyce’s hand.

A toddler in Patriots gear next to me is wailing … or cheering for Brady.

Redskins defense donning burgundy jerseys. Offense in white. Quarterbacks in red.

Kai Forbath and rookie Zach Hocker taking turns kicking field goals … from the opposition’s 35-yard line.

Andre Roberts takes the opening kick off to the house; nobody pursues the ball carrier after the whistle blows.

Chris Thompson returns kick offs, fast but again, everyone is going through the motions.

Nick Williams takes a few swings returning.

After special teams workout, both teams disperse and the Patriots defense start with feet drills. They wrap up after they go in and out of the half-round bags. Level of intensity is very high. Redskins are still standing around.

Patriots offense are doing lunges on the far end of the field.

Four minutes later, movement! Redskins defensive backs do lateral and backpedaling drills. #workthosefeet

Linebackers are back and forth using cones and finishing by catching passes. Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Gabe Miller, Adrian Robinson, Everette Brown, and Trent Murphy is a solid linebacking corps in my book. Now they’re doing stack and shed drills.

Darryl Sharpton, Keenan Robinson, Will Compton, Perry Riley Jr., Akeem Jordan, Jeremy Kimbrough, Adam Hayward and Rob Jackson are on another section of the field, doing backpedaling and ballhawking drills. Foot work+Reaction Time are integral factors in a linebacking corps’ success.

I realize I could be Deangelo Hall. He looks like an overgrown 13-year-old.

Wide receivers are aplenty, 11, enough to create a soccer team.

Aldrick Robinson has a tough pill to swallow.

I really don’t like Griffin III’s drop back.

Receivers run routes both ways. Hitches, slants, comebacks and fades. Comebacks were thrown from the shotgun formation. Fades were thrown by Griffin III, Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins from under center.

Griffin III hits Pierre Garcon along the rail. I’m jealous of that spiral and touch.

DeSean Jackson beats Darrelle Revis on a comeback pattern, aggressive and breaks on the ball.

Kirk Cousins throws the first pick of the day. Tavon Wilson on Lee Doss.

Jordan Reed on an out pattern, great pass+catch.

Two incomplete passes in series from Griffin III.

Revis has Jackson’s number. DJax can’t shake him off.

Garcon owns Brandon Browner on a slant pattern.

Santana Moss gets owned by Devin McCourty.

Some guy from the crowd with the “they’ll keep him as a mentor” proclamation. Never heard that one before. …

A. Robinson fries defensive back No. 27 T. Wilson, courtesy of Kaptain Cousins.

Griffin’s passes are sailing high, #PERTURBED.

Lee Doss beats rookie defensive back Justin Green–great ball placement by Kirk Cousins.

11 on 11 dreills. morris takes first carry for a gain of six.

On the flip side:

Brady heaves a perfect pass to a wide open receiver. Who I can’t really see from here but the lesson to be learned here is that the Redskins may blow their assignment.

Griffin III’s pass attempt to DJax sails right … Excellent coverage by Revis. Redskins offensive line is struggling to create holes for Alfred Morris.

Defensively the Patriots let a few deep balls get by them. Robinson burned the secondary for a score. …

The Pats’ O looked sharp? Or are the Redskins O still rusty?

Special teams unit working on squib kicks and surprise onside kick offs. too necessary. Not.

7-7 drills:

1. DJax vs Revis, Jax short hitch route complete.

2. Moss in the slot runs an inside drag — pass complete.

Kind man says “will you sit down if I give you a chair?

I turn around and there’s at least 40 people standing behind me.

Ted Bolser, Niles Paul both running with the 2s. Led by Kirk Cousins.

RGIII holds ball too long. Completes pass to Garcon on a broken play.

Jordan Reed hauls in a poorly placed ball (behind him).

Learn baby learn…

1st: Morris, Jackson, Griffin III, Reed, Logan Paulsen

2s: Andre Roberts, Ryan Grant, Reed, Moss

Colt McCoy completes a nice pass to Niles Paul — takes 3 seconds to get the ball out of his hands.

McCoy pumps right, double guesses himself and the pass sails. … much better option than backups Rex Grossman and Pat White though from 2013.

11 on 11:

1st pass too high. Brady’s in, 2nd pass to Julian Edelman on an inside drag route. Huge gain. 3rd pass complete to No. 80 Danny Amendola wide open in the flat. 4th pass complete to Edelman again, gets a nice pop from safety Ryan Clark. Fifth completion same pass complete this time to the left side. 5/6 on the opening drive.

Ryan Mallett … Derrick Johnson (rookie) burns Phillip Thomas on an out pattern. Rookie Justin Jones is wide open on a post route and connects between the safeties. Stevan Ridley blazes past the defense gain of 17.

Brady: Kenbrill Thompkins “beats” defense, wide open near the goal line. Brady floats one up for him but the defensive line stopped pursuit after Brady stepped up into the pocket. #PLAYitTHROUGH

Griffin III to Garcon, batted away by Darrelle Revis.

Roy Helu is in, while is trips left. … shotgun Griffin III, Roberts/DJax on his right. … pass complete to Reed on the weak side.

Redskins offense marches down field. Revis locks up Jackson. Revis locks up Garcon. Staring down Griffin III’s drop backs. … so far so OK.

Pass to Reed on a corner route perfect between Revis. Revis on left side.

Bon Secours Training Center

IMG_1317 IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1292 IMG_1293 IMG_1294

Catch Anthony Ragos on the Tiffin Saints

The man I once watched destroy rainbow rolls will now be smashing home runs for the Tiffin Saints.

Anthony Ragos is in Ohio living the dream he’s chased even before I interviewed him in February. Call it relentless pursuit or divine appointment. Ragos set this goal and achieved it. With the odds stacked up high against him, Ragos thanks God for His help.

What I respect about the Dumfries native is that he promised to accomplish a feat three months ago and delivered .

“Ball out.”

He tackled the challenge within a year span.

“Make an IBL roster.”

He silenced the naysayers–pools of them–with his loud work ethic, and cut out the distractions with his razor-blade focus. I recall what he said a week before the Super Bowl, “I respect that the doubters don’t know yet.”

Recently, he updated me with news that he’s the second fastest player on the team. I knew what he was insinuating. Guess who holds the school record for stealing bases at Chesapeake Junior College? This guy.

Inspiration is effortless, people. We are not supposed to press somebody or beg them to change. Our actions should relay the message because when hearts are ready, they will naturally follow suit.

Ragos’ success has once again refined my focus, boosted my esteem levels again to pursue what I love doing the most. It’s not about being grateful about what we have and coveting things that we don’t–all in all, we must make the most of what we’ve got.

Time flies. So do balls over the fence for Ragos.

Chai 2.

I arrive at the Kona International Airport. Jason Smedley is waiting in his van for me and two beautiful Norwegian sisters, Camila and Michaela. Smedley chauffeurs us to the campus.

My roommates are from Texas, New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada. Great group of guys.

After two weeks of classes, a few of my classmates plan a trip to explore downtown Kona on Saturday night. There is a shaved ice cream parlor that everyone should try once and a sandy spot by a hill to get some volleyball games in. We play a few matches against each other before walking to the nearby convenience store for some drinks.

My indecisiveness makes me the last to purchase, a Coke. When I walk out, that’s when she is standing there. A woman, in a grey tank top, hooded sweater tied around her waist right above her khaki shorts. I begin to walk down the steps but heel after noticing that this stranger is glaring at me. My wimpish tolerance for awkward moments forces me to turn around and head back inside the store.

Immediately I hide, duck between the Ramen and candy aisle. She spots me. I say hello.

“Hi,” she breathes.
“May I help you?” I ask calmly, smiling.
“I want food,” she orders.
“I am on a strict budget,” I say truthfully, “you may have this drink.”

I hand her the Coke, she takes a sip, gives it back and I drink out of the same straw with no hesitation. (Clearly I am not a germaphobe) and this shows her that I am the last person on Earth to judge her.

“Alright well take care,” I whisper, and make a beeline for the door. She sticks like a shadow and follows me out like a trail of M&Ms falling out of my busted Chuck Taylors.

“Who’s that? What happened?” my curious classmates ask.
“I don’t know, I gave her some of my Coke though,” I say with a nervous chuckle.
“She’s still there, man.”

I’ll take care of this. “Never leave beef unsettled” was my M.O.

“Can you give me a ride?” she utters quietly.
“I flew from Virginia, sorry I’m just a student here.” I keep myself honest.
“I need you right now,” the stranger threatens.

OK before I go on, I am a stickler for suspense. I considered myself the male version of Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“Wait a second, I’ll be right back,” I tell her. My classmates are wondering what is going on, why I even bother to loiter around.
“Guys I’ll talk to her for a few minutes, could you accompany me and pray for our conversation?”
“Sure, we’ll have an eye out and keep our distance,” they go.

I approach her again this time and say, “Let’s take a walk, I love walks.”

I do love walks.

To be continued…

fragile: handle with care | a short poem

Who. … in here is not emotionally damaged?
See, blanketed by his anguish,
I’m only trying to speak his language
Hoping that
in nine years I’m someone he can hang with,
Right. Cramped between his older brother and his parents
Outward appearance? Candid
but deep inside his soul’s dirtier than the New York sewers, rancid
Thinking highly of himself we’re waiting to say that he just landed
Trust me I swear that he’s no bandit
Time is now measured by the bandwidths
All the advice that I have handed,
Cats live nine lives and he’s jogging out of chances
Maybe it is my fault, the respect that I demanded
Who in here is not emotionally damaged?

Gripping Images on the NY Metro

Thank you, Boredom, for inspiring me to do this.


Paper in his right hand, pole in his left.


The watch on his wrist says it all.


I call that the Wood Instrument Grip.


Two grips in this scene. The hand in the back looks a little creepy.


Beautiful elegant fingers of. … my brother’s.


One’s playing games, the other’s reading.


Smartphones are taking over the world one tap at a time.


You can tell by his relaxed knuckles he’s not holding on too tight.


Two strangers. One pole.


And the Loosest Grip Award goes to…


Pink iPhone case. Pink nails. Makes sense.


How does one read on a shaky, obnoxious metro bus?


Mr. Tattoo wrist band has huge knucks.


Dear Light Bulb, please don’t burn his hand…


Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

A trip to New York is always a good one.

I got punched in the jaw yesterday … for no reason.

If misery loves company, he or she brought the damned carnival.

Right now, a clan of clowns are dancing in their oversized shoes and goofy green wigs. It’s not a pretty sight.

Because they’re not wearing anything else.

The compulsive writers living inside of me are putting my fingers to work.

Here’s a disclaimer before you continue. I am not lonely. In fact, I love this solitude. It’s not so bad. I do, however, feel as if there’s a sign that says “LONER” hanging over my head. Do I look the part? I haven’t shaved my head for a week, it’s in that weird fuzz phase that nobody wants to look at twice. It could potentially be the reason I don’t land a job. Seriously, it’s fugly (f**king+ugly).

Last night I went to V5 with a coworker. Our plan was to leave at 12:15. We arrived at 11:30.

In 45 minutes we were to avoid the following at all costs:

1. A fight/altercation
2. Drunkenness
3. Talk to girls

OK first of all, 3 was a joke. Calm down.

I’m outside saying hello and catching up with an old friend, goofing off and showing off fancy footwork. No I don’t dance, I rap. We were talking about how he doesn’t ever pick fights – but if approached how he wouldn’t back down. I’m sure he was joking, he’s probably the most nonviolent person I know (from my past seven-and-half times I’ve chilled with him).

His friend then stepped up and got into my face, asking me in an aggressive voice if I thought it was funny.

I nonchalantly said no, it is not.

He picked and picked some more, the apples off this tree of non- confrontational goodness.

Ha. And he pesters again for the seventh time, “but I think it’s funny.”

I retort, “ooh I see.”

And voila, BOP.

He lands. A solid cheap shot to the left side of my face, right in the jaw. This shot was cheaper than Aristocrat vodka.

And I stand there, almost wanting to say “Jesus loves you,” but I stop myself from going that far.

This drunkard, he’s hammered. He has no conscience. He’s still trying to swing.

Begging me to fight back. Straight begging like I’m holding diamonds in my hands.

I can’t fight. I apologize and say no. Sorry I can’t accommodate your needs, sir.

Then it hits me (not another cheap shot.)

There has to be no better revenge. …

Than prayer.


What’s happened only five times in NFL history?

Three wide receivers from the same team recorded 1,000-yard seasons.

Peyton Manning may quarterback for the sixth, and no it won’t be his first time (Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley in 2004 with Colts).

Would it be the first time in NFL history that three receivers AND A TIGHT END accomplish such unfathomable feat? Julius Thomas is already at 625. …

Define workaholic: volume three #Workahol

12/3 Tuesday – work in gainesville from 10 — 4

12/4 – gainesville from 10:30 – 6, 7 or 8

12/6 fedex field hall of fame team store 12 – 5:00

12/7 fedex field HOF team store 12 – 5:00

12/8 fedex field HOF team store (Chiefs vs Redskins) 8:30 – 5:30

for those who are balancing two, three, or even four jobs…eat healthy….and keep warm.

someday i’ll raise a family and look back on my mid-20s and say to myself, “the sacrifice was well worth it.”

to the life grinders, here’s a glass of workahol on the rocks.


#MNF 128-point underdog: Life of Yahoo’s unluckiest fantasy football owner episode 13

FFW13 Apologies for my hiatus. I’ve been in my car a lot recently, traveling from Springfield to Landover to Centreville to Gainesville for work — you know how bad it’d be if I were posting entries behind the wheel.

#DontPostAndDrive #Swerve Of course I’m bitter. I’m 4-8, about to go 4-9 – UNLESS RUSSELL WILSON PUTS UP 130 POINTS TONIGHT – why did I even bother to type that out?

If there is a 2014 fantasy football for Daniel (huge IF), I’ll make sure to write down a few caveats to follow and obey the warnings and traps my so-called friends set up for me to fall in.

From now on, I will be drafting the best playmakers on each team. Who cares – their city’s weather, their quarterback, their defensive woes – HooDaFudge cares.

If I had
kept Victor Cruz, Calvin Johnson, Fred Jackson and Giovani Bernard – I’d be holding not just a 7-6 record, but holding a ticket to our league’s postseason bracket.

But no, I have Adrian Peterson, Stevie Johnson and Denarius Moore. And we’ll all, yes, in reality, be watching our enemies clash in the 2013 NFL Playoffs.

I was wrong, but again, right at the same time. Fantasy Football, as much as you required me to research and prepare for the season, without luck – not Andrew – it’s impossible to win the lottery.

Maybe someday I’ll win when it matters – when I’m playing against the’s Around the League writers. Yes Rosenthal, Hanzus, Wesseling, and Sessler and Patra … sooner than later.

Winning is sweet, if I remember the taste correctly. #Salty

Define workoholic

November 15, 2013 (last Friday): Serving at Korshi 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. with a break from 3-4
16th: Korshi 10 a.m. – 2 a.m. (break 3-4)
17th: Korshi 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. (break 3-4)
Monday: Job interview with Redskins at Fedex
Tuesday: Work for gov. contractor
Wednesday: Work for gov. contractor
Thursday: Work for gov. contractor
Friday: Work for gov. contractor 3:00 p.m.-9:30//korshi 10 p.m.-2 a.m.
Saturday: Korshi 10:00 a.m.-2 a.m.
Sunday: Work for gov. contractor//Go to FedEx and file my paperwork
Monday: Start at FedEx Redskins Hall of Fame Team Store 4:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.
…focused on the big picture
       …every minute I work is for a purpose
                             …think about it, there’s a reason to all this madness.
Some grind, others grind harder.
I’m going to sleep. …or whatever this thing is called.
Although I wish I could rewind it back to Friday’s lunch, she was beautiful … #WayOutOfMyLeague


noun \ˌwər-kə-ˈhȯ-lik, -ˈhä-\
: a person who chooses to work a lot : a person who is always working, thinking about work, etc/
:  a compulsive worker

Gee, thanks Webster.

Secret Thank Yous

No it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I am in an utterly grateful mood. Actually, everyday is Thanksgiving – never forget that – no matter how gray the clouds gloom.

Thank you Readers

I check the stats, trust me. I see that three people read my page yesterday. That’s a small amount, yes, but hey – I’m a blogger, there’s millions out there like me who aren’t getting any clicks at all. At the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Thank you, ___________

Two years ago I visited a friend down at JMU, in Harrisonburg, Va. I didn’t expect you to email me back but there it was, “call me xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

I called, you answered, you bashed me down for 1) not having any internships under my belt 2) for not trying hard enough and 3) being a junior in college.

“Journalism doesn’t fall on your lap.”

Because of you, undressing me down with your words, I went back to Richmond, applied to two internships and got them both: The Commonwealth Times and The Black Sheep Journal. I called you back two years later and thanked you – you didn’t change one bit. Stay that way until we meet in person.

Thank you, ____________

I was extremely disoriented after I lost my opportunity to intern for the women’s basketball team at VCU. But when the manager emailed you and asked you to interview me, I couldn’t believe my luck. When we met up at Jimmy John’s, I remember sitting there like a nervous wreck and praying deep inside that you’d give me a chance.

Out of 33,000 students at VCU, you invited me to the first practice and everything was history after that. I made great friends all because you hired me as your videographer. There’d be no such thing as a Camera Dance if it wasn’t for your discernment. I’m baffled to this day.

Thank you, ___________, ____________, ___________

One showed me her college transcript. A 2.4 grade point average for the first however many years, you literally showed me that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to graduate, as long as you finish. You showed me the last handful of semesters, in which you recorded straight As, and that motivated me enough to get me out.

You believe in me, is there anything else I could ask for?

You taught me how to research for job interviews and the right things to say. It’s worked. Brilliant.

Thank you, _____________

For the free haircuts. I genuinely enjoyed filming your son’s basketball games every Saturday.

Thank you, _____________

Your loyalty speaks volumes. Our friendship is so close, too close at times. It’s an unhealthy amount – I guess we’re good at digesting it all, aren’t we.

Thank you, _____________

For getting me your nephew’s autograph. I will cherish our endless conversations at night, usually until you locked the doors and got off your shift. I never minded staying in the office with you for all the hours that I did.

Thank you, ____________

For never judging me. You were always telling me about how good the Lord is, and reminded me to keep the faith. I only got to chat with you in the elevator in the mornings, but don’t worry – more than the talks I’ll remember your bubbly personality and strong faith.

Thank you, ___________

For coming to Korshi and listening to my corny jokes. I gave you my email and did the usual – hope. God works in mysterious ways, and I now that I think about it – I recall you saying that you were looking for someone to help you with writing grant proposals. It’s been a pleasure working for you, and yes –  you’re right – I’ve yet to work for a better boss.

Thank you, ___________

I apologize for not going to the Wizards’ networking event like you suggested me to. I did not have the time. It’s not everyday a founder of a company puts me in her circle. It’s such a pleasant surprise I don’t know what to make of it.

Thank you, ____________

For a lot. A lot of patience.

Trying to be there for me must be worse than changing your future kid’s diaper. At least I know you’re ready for that.

#HTTR, sike

Thank you, _______, ________, ________

For putting me in my place. I’m not a good quarterback, I get that — but having me even offer to pay for your buffet meal at the end of the season taught me what it means to be a friend more than serving you as a ball-thrower.

Thank you, ___________

Televise the Revolution! Our band really showcased who I am as a person. Because of you friends I was able to perform at open mics with regularity and it definitely helped me shy out of my “rap closet.”

It boosted my self-confidence, too, every time I stood behind the mic I imagined myself reporting for ESPN or NFL Network. I enjoyed being the only Korean speaking truth to a house full of other races whether it was Addis, Emilio’s, or all those empty nights (performers only) at Aurora and Ken Tico’s … I will never forget ❤


changing gears

Living Life to the Fullest

received advice from #espn 980’s andy pollin, greg burton, kevin van valkenburg, gregg rosenthal, seth wickersham? check
worked out a semi-pro football player? check
got owned by a semi-pro basketball player? check
liked a girl but never told her? check
been robbed and hustled by friends in a poker game? check
played quarterback in 8th grade? check
played football freshman year? check
won six flag football championships? check
made fun of for having a lisp? check
befriended an amzing group of coaches and mentors: Coach Ballard, Coach Rhoades, Coach Wade, Coach Bopp, Coach Eddie, Coach Smart, Coach Morrell
practiced my S words and got rid of it? checkwas followed home from springfield mall and robbed for jordan 11s (concords)? check
befriended Dr. Wiegardt, UC’s Adviser at VCU, her mentorship will pay off
counselor holly guelig and adviser mrs. kim hanneman – will cherish their genuine guidance
befriended monroe park towers’ staff, best tenants and security guards, always down for a good conversation

started a fist fight with a friend, got punched in the eye (contact lenses shattered in my eye) and then went to honey pig right after? check
been punched in the lip for absolutely no reason, did a pencil drop backwards on the concrete, got a concussion and missed 4 days of work?
had black paint sprayed over my bald spot and thought the barber gave me the best haircut ever? check
auditioned for ny kollab contest but got owned? check
composed piano songs? check
recorded rap and collaborated with talented people? check
performed spoken word poetry at Verses Tuesdays and Emilio’s? check
traveled to egypt, mexico, taiwan, thailand? check
win a men’s football tournament? check
beat the best team in a football tournament with mediocre talent? check
screwed over? check
screw over? check
kept a journal for 15 years and still going strong? check
inspired by others? check
inspired others? check
fired from seasons 52 for reading a text message while polishing the 48th and final wine glass? check
worked for a 5-star hotel restaurant (lemaire at the jefferson hotel)? check
served at glory days bar and grill, fireside grill, seasons 52 wine bar and grill, cafe chocolate, k-mart, korshi, and silver diner (twice), and bonchon? check
emailed gregg rosenthal two years ago when he was with PFT? check
acquire rosenthal’s email address two years later while working at bonchon in richmond? check
contributed 100+ articles and blogged 100+ entries? check
volunteered for the redskins and got sunburned? check
talked to a woman unaware she was suffering depression but God changed her life? check
almost peed on a man, gave him a ride to the metro and shared the gospel  with him? check
evicted? (that’s what i get for living with a stranger) check
intern for vcu basketball team? check
write front cover story for ct? check
fought with mom for the car, didn’t get it, then scootered to a girlfriend’s house in the snow? check
peed in my car’s gas tank? check
dozed off on the road and almost died? check
have two best friends for 25 years? check
have best girl friend for +10 years? check
collected 1000+ football cards? check

and the list goes on…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For all those who weary from the daily grind, give everything to God and He’ll carry your burden. I didn’t write this checklist to brag about what I’ve been through, in fact, I created this list to help me remember how faithful God is and how much of His warm grace I’ve been bathing in my whole life.

God is a gentle God, and once you can grasp, even a speck of His nature, you’ll realize that all things are possible when you wholeheartedly place your faith in Him.

Don’t give up, pursue your dreams, and always pray with thanksgiving.

God wants to provide His children with the very best so trust in His flawless timing.

A win is a win, whether it’s by 26 or .26: life of Yahoo’s (un)luckiest fantasy football owner Episode 11


THANK YOU @FF_gods for this much-needed win! Wait, this isn’t my early Christmas present is it? Better not be. …

Who’s 3-and-6 now!?!? (All my doubters are STILL doubitng). You can’t spell haters without a, HA. Does that make any sense?

Well, give me a minute, huh? Allow me to bask in this glorious. … aroma of victory, ahh.

OK, OK, I’m done, now back to work. …


I predicted that the Seahawks would struggle against Tampa Bay’s stout defensive front. They did – but in retrospect, the sporting-brand-names-for-a-name exploded in the second half.

Smith’s, on the other hand, was challenged more mentally than physically against the Saints. Geno’s rushing touchdown was the sole reason why I scooped him up from the waiver wire; I thought he’d run for two and pass for another.


AD scored two meaningless touchdowns, 14 of 55 points. … weren’t necessary at all, especially in a lopsided punishing of the Steelers.

Dobson’s 27-pointer covered for Drew Davis’ and Dexter McCluster’s absence.

Thanks, Denarius Moore, for exceeding my expectations.


FIRST AND FOREMOST, I wish Aa-Rod a speedy recovery.

Secondly, the Vikings played a great game against Dallas. They slipped up, and Tony Romo exploited Minnesota’s weaknesses.

Eddie Lacy rushed for 150 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown in a loss against Da Bears, but most importantly. … helped this unlucky writer obliterate his opponent by .26.


Out of Bounds: Life Besides Football

Stressed out? Tell me about it.


It’s gratifying and humbling, listening to others’ background and upbringing. I like doing it. They may never know, but my concern for my friends. …and strangers and mentors and teachers and coaches is as genuine as it gets.


One I may never meet again. S/he struggles with an eating disorder. Can’t eat certain foods. Grain and sugar are bad for his/her stomach. Lost his/her parent and still tries to cope with the pain. Through all the tribulations s/he seeks God.

One’s not Christian. Parents divorced at a young age. Daddy/mommy issues affected his/her past. Pursues after his/her dreams.

One doesn’t know if s/he enjoys the daily grind. Wants to move, change occupations.

One wishes to travel the world but his/her earnings help pay for parents’ rent.

One is a networking beast. His/her resume is spectacular, but s/he is still grinding it out.

One is a really close friend. His/her work ethic might kill him/her. Seriously, take care of yourself.

One wants to quit life and school. Didn’t we all?

One went back to his/her house to stay with his/her parents. S/he needed the respite. An aspiring poet, s/he plans on moving to New York after working on his/her craft.

One is a student at a reputable university. S/he came from Mongolia two months ago, and vented to me that the classes are way too much. I encouraged him/her to not quit. S/he tells me that boys/girls are stupid, I suggested that s/he should wait before hopping into a relationship.

One detests the game of football because his/her spouse was killed from gambling. S/he trusts in God and has full faith that everything in his/her life will OK.


At the end of the day, I pray for these wo/men who’ve been transparent enough to expose their problems to me. If you bent the truth, white lied, it’s OK, because it doesn’t matter. I love you all, I really mean that. If you know anything about me, I’ve been stabbed in the back, undermined, and rejected by a lot of people — still, I am saved, a forgiven sinner that’s made plenty of irrational decisions in the past, and probably will later on. I don’t trust anyone – I am a firm believer in this: God has a unique plan for each of you.

Who am I to pass judgment?

1 Peter 5 : 6-7

6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, 7 casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

For unto us a 2nd win is born, life of Yahoo’s unluckiest fantasy football owner Episode 9

No venting. Let’s talk fantasy football.


1. Sigh. I benched Russell Wilson because, well, I didn’t expect the man to surgerize the pretty-respected Cardinals defense. Their defensive line forced two Wilson fumbles, but Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu constantly got beat by Sidney Rice and Golden Tate.

Nick Foles left the game with a head injury, and Dallas’ D pounded the not-so-revolutionary-anymore Chip Kelly offense into powder on Sunday afternoon.

2. Rueben Randle showed up to work today per usual. What I hate about Eli Manning and his offense is this: any one of his talented receivers may find themselves statistically having a field day, on pace for setting another career-high. When Hakeem Nicks isn’t open, Victor Cruz is. When Cruz isn’t, then Randle is behind the secondary.

3. Joseph Randle (Cowboys) put up 13 points yesterday against the Eagles, and I’m somewhat regretting my decision of placing him on the bench. . . Adrian Peterson is a must-start, touche with Eddie Lacy . . .





A) Adrian Peterson runs for 3 touchdowns, 100 yards = 20 points
B) Blair Walsh = 5 extra points
C) Giants DBs shut down Greg Jennings = 2 points
D) Rueben Randle 5 catches, 80 yards, 1 TD = 12.5 points

Fantasy Football’s Comeback of the Century starts on Monday night.



A) Josh Freeman couldn’t engineer a drive because of obvious reasons and Adrian Peterson was shut down facing a defense who stacked eight in the box for most of the night.
B) Blair Walsh missed a field goal from afar, and the Vikings reached the endzone once – thanks to Marcus Sherels’ punt return
C) Greg Jennings was shut down
D) Rueben Randle = 3 – 40 – 1 : 9.25 points

And then a Win was born: life of Yahoo’s unluckiest fantasy football owner Episode 7

Ah! Finally. 

Now that, is a-how you WIN. I sure feel raunchy, however.

My friend had to forget to update his team’s roster. #NoComplaintsHere

1-5 !!!

1-5 !!!

Thank you, Fantasy Football gods.

Eddie Royal stubbed his toe running a play. He of course, was the reason why I lost my other FF League (in which I am 1-5 as well).

Trust issues: 

Started Donnie Avery (-.90) over Denarius Moore (15.45) due to favorable matchups. Must…Learn…To…Trust…Moore… Terrelle Pryor’s development (although obviously positive), scares me.

No hair, don’t care:

Andy may have started a pair of inactive wide receivers but that – ladies and gentlemen – is his fault for not waking up before 1:00 p.m.

I know him so it’s okay for me to say this: “You can’t spell Sympathy without HA.”

Yahoo Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2013

I have perfected my fantasy football drafting skills (for the upcoming season). Ah, that feeling.

With the ninth choice in the snake draft here are my results:

Round 1 (9) – Jamaal Charles (RB – KC)

The key to the FF draft is DON’T PANIC. EVER. You have a thousand players on the board, relax. Among the runningbacks Charles, Alfred Morris , Matt Forte, and CJ2K (the list goes on), the Chiefs (seemed) to have the easiest schedule. With new acquisition Head Coach Andy Reid, look for Alex Smith to check down his receiving options and dump it off to a wide open and super-quick Charles on his swing routes along the coast of the line of scrimmage. Rookie Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) is capable of playing multiple positions (guard, tackle) and is expected to make a huge impact on the offensive line that’ll protect former 49ers QB Alex Smith ahd open holes for Charles and McCluster.

Round 2 (16) – Maurice Jones-Drew (RB – JAC) 

I would’ve slapped myself in the face if I passed up MJD.  I’ve now two dynamic runningbacks on my team. MJD is durable and a workhorse, I expect him to bail Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne when they’re struggling late in games. And don’t forget. Runningbacks that play in warm-weather games (Jacksonville, Fl) flourish.

Round 3 (33) – David Wilson (RB – NYG)

I crossed my fingers for Reggie Bush to stay afloat. Of course not. But for insurance reasons, I picked up an extra runningback that was a hybrid of MJD and Charles. Fortunately enough, Wilson called out, and I extended my hand … and clicked “Draft.”

Round 4 (40) Wes Welker (WR – DEN) 

Flip a coin: heads, Welker, tails Decker. In Denver, every one is a primary target for Sheriff Manning. It’s true, the gunslinger doesn’t favor anyone above the others, it sometimes appears that way. He may target a wideout more than the other, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a completion. Welker is a beast until proven otherwise – don’t doubt the wise man from the slot.

Round 5 (57) Anquan Boldin (WR – SF)

I’m comfortable with my three running backs. I learned a valuable lesson last year: don’t need more than three. I confess my biases. I love Boldin. He developed and gained the trust of Joe Flacco in the quarterback’s third year in Baltimore, and I believe with the wisdom and attained from experience (and a Super Bowl ring), the wide receiver will enhance Colin Kaepernick’s development in San Francisco.

Round 6 (64) Mike Wallace (WR – MIA)

Two possession receivers are enough for me. What must I do now? That’s right. Pick up the best deep threat out there on the board. That plays in warm weather (again with the sunny weathered teams). Call it love, call it lust, whatever you want. All I know is that Wallace may blow up out of the Miami water like a huge marlin (or dolphin) in 2013.

Round 7 (81) Michael Vick (QB – PHI)

My favorite team. Not my favorite quarterback. This new Chip Kelly thing excites me. He’s looked sharp in the three preseason games that they’ve won. Intrigue me more.

Round 8 (88) Zach Sudfield (TE – NE)

I don’t know about you but, is the sky blue? This pick had to be done this early.

Round 9 (105) Emmanuel Sanders (WR – PIT)

It only makes sense when Sanders proves his worth on the Steelers with 83 receptions and 1,198 yards. Until then, don’t question my logic.

Round 10 (112) Bernard Pierce (RB – BAL)

Flaccco is sick with the Super Bowl flu and the running game might cure the offense’s/QB’s hangover this season like a bowl of boiling pho’. Never tried Pho? You’re missing out. When Ray Rice sits, the Pierce leads. I like my backups…that backup superstars.

Aaron Dobson (129)

Philadelphia (136)

Dan Bailey (153)

Brandon Lafell (160)

Tyler Eifert (177)

Mad-hair Monday

Told the barber to cover up my bald spot, if anything, cut my hair short and make it as unnoticeable as possible.
In the middle of cutting, he sprays my head with something that smells like a hair spray.
I ask him if it’s hair spray.
He says it’s something that I shouldn’t worry too much about.
I’m hoping it’s not Rogaine, but I trust him, like anyone sitting in a barber’s chair should.
When he finishes, he lets me hold up a mirror and I see that the white spot on the back of my head is gone. Yay.
When I get home and wash up, I notice the color of the water dripping from my head is black.
I realized that I successfully walked around campus for twenty minutes with my head spray-painted black and feeling mad hairy and confident.

It was, indeed, too good to be true.