Redskins Training Camp Q&As

Rough day but successful. No updates from me on Redskins Fan Appreciation Day besides that there were over 20,000 Redskins fans in attendance.

An overweight thank you to the ambassadors that helped out. Mike for being awesome, and again, everyone who has stuck to their voluntary commitments.

Mrs. Josie drives over an hour to contribute — locals shouldn’t have room for complaint.

See you all on Monday and enjoy the rest of your curtailed weekend.
7:43 p.m.

Ones and Twos mixed–and-mingled today as Leonard Hankerson lined up alongside Pierre Garcon. Fred Davis, Polumbus, Pashos, Golston, Chris Chester, and Will Montgomery participated in the same drills. Alfred Morris behind RGIII, 11 personnel received a lot of reps.

Drills, drills and more drills . . .

(Run)blocking outside linebackers and defensive ends
Niles Paul/Xavier Nixon (Offensive Tackle)
Ogbuehi Emmanuel/Tyler Polumbus (Tackle)
Logan Paulson/Tom Compton (Tackle)

Running back drills
Consisted of running slants and flats.
Evan Royster, Roy Helu Jr., Alfred Morris, Jawan Jamison, Keiland Williams.

Team drills
Easygoing to start – all quarterbacks making accurate passes to RBs and TEs running curl routes.

A double-move made by Georgia rookie tight end Emmanuel Ogbuehi didn’t fool Dejon Gomes as the third-year veteran batted the ball away.

Want to make the 53-man roster? Special teams is the place to start for U. Conn. alum Nick Williams. 

Cornerback Richard Crawford was back on the field after being carted into the Bon Secours Training Center at the conclusion of yesterday’s practice. Rex Grossman forced a long bomb into double coverage – after a stint of the Tip Drill, the recently turned 23-year-old (happy birthday!) caught the ball and ran it back for a few yards alongside the youthful defensive unit.

Practicing Elsewhere…

Deangelo Hall and No. 73 guard Adam Gettis were seen running wind sprints across the field (sideline to sideline). Hall’s tweaked ankle is closing in on full health.

Brandon Meriweather and running backs Chris Thompson/Jawan Jamison were huddled in the corner of the practice field working on their breaking (ballhawking) skills, attacking under thrown passes.

Said my new friend and fellow Ambassador Grayson, the “Redskins will win the division this year (and possibly more) as long as RGIII is healthy and Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen are in charge.”

We’ll see about Grayson’s prediction…

Tomorrow is Fan Appreciation Day! See you all soon!


on the seventh day of practice. ..

Rain, drizzle.
Rain, downpour.
Rain, drizzle.
Rain, sunshine.

The sun beamed with pride, rays of burgundy and gold upon the slushy fields of Bon Secours Training Center on the seventh day of Redskins Training Camp.

It was as if the Yellow Ball itself wanted to witness RGIII’s elegance in muddy conditions. Days like this seriously come in handy during the winter months, pre-postseason.

Kirk Cousins, again, runs a QB option — what is Kyle Shanahan up to?

Injured Redskins Deangelo Hall, Adam Gettis, and Jeremy Kimbrough were seen working on their footwork and agility, both doing backpedaling drills off the main practice field.

Do the ‘Skins love outside linebacker Rob Jackson and defensive end Jarvis Jenkins, or what?

Yes, how much? Enough to send Orakpo and Kerrigan to the defensive line. Barry Coefield is the anchor of their defensive front.

Santana Moss torched second-year cornerback No. 20 Richard Crawford. This young secondary forces the veteran wide receivers to step up to the plate during practice. With that we can keep up with you vets mentality, fresh defensive backs challenge themselves to stay on-edge for two hourd. Call it a symbiotic relationship.

Cousins and offense went…seven-and-out in the redzone. Balls were thrown out of bounds, easy catches were dropped, or KC held the rock too long and took sacks.

No. 20 Crawford was seen laying on the grass rubbing his hamstring, possibly tweaking it on the play guarding Moss. Yesterday (8/1) was Crawford’s birthday! We hope that he heals soon.

QB RGIII kept his balance for the majority of the time, reminding all fans that his knee is yesterday’s old news.

With barely 10 minutes left…
KC ran the two-min drill to perfection. Completions to Garcon,Leonard Hankerson and Niles Paul.

Garcon caught a bubble screen pass and slithered his way into the endzone from 14 yards out.

Key: they ran a no huddle offense.


9:20 p.m.
Wide receiver Lance Lewis saw more reps running an end around from the slot receiver position and also catching a pass from the backfield on a swing route.
Who knows if Pat White makes the final cut or not – but the quarterback saw more actions as a runner, rushing out of the pocket and pitching it backwards on a quarterback option play (I’m frustrated because I couldn’t see who the running back was).
Chemistry Building
RGIII and Leonard Hankerson
Drills Start With …
1. Kirk Cousins and Pierre Garcon (who has been outstanding throughout camp)
2. Wideout Aldrick Robinson takes a reverse end around, catching defense off guard
3. Kirk Cousins runs a QB option, rolls out left and pitches it back to a running back (couldn’t see) trailing behind
5. Hand off to Roy Helu Jr.
4. Cousins runs a bootleg to the right, then pitches it to Santana Moss (another QB option!?)
5. Complex look in the backfield, Cousins drops back, no play-action fake, and throws it to the sidelines to running back (couldn’t see) running a swing pattern
6. Roy Helu Jr. runs for a big gain off the right end
Kyle Shanahan implemented a more complex offensive scheme today, giving the defense wild looks with receivers running across the line in motion and complex routes for running backs in the back field. Kirk Cousins fired a pass to Fred Davis on a crossing route behind a sleepy cornerback E.J. Biggers.
Josh Morgan ran a beautiful corner route and snagged one before running out of bounds. Pass credit: Kirk Cousins. Completion credit: E.J. Biggers.
D. Hall walks off with a cast on knee.

D. Hall walks off in the Bon Secours Facilities with a walking boot on his right ankle.

Keep a close eye out for wide receiver Nick Williams. Former UConn Huskie is a kickoff returning specialist. I had the pleasure of taking a picture of him and his father after practice. Brandon Banks is no longer on the roster meaning that the Redskins are on the hunt for someone to fill in the vacant role. According to his Williams Sr., Williams had a great practice on Monday (day I was absent) with six or seven catches. Keep him in your prayers that he catches Shanahan’s eye.
Silly Mistakes
Rex Grossman held onto the ball too long, double pumped, and threw across his body.
Jaw Droppers
Chase Minnifield (defensive back?) ran a wheel route from the backfield along the sidelines and had enough concentration to receive a pass over his shoulder against LB Roddrick Muckelroy.
The young secondary is gelling well; I’m witnessing daily progression. The drills seem to favor the offense, with defensive linemen rushing the quarterback at 70% speed and the allowing for offensive plays to develop gives no leeway for mistakes. Santana Moss is a lethal weapon as a slot receiver during these drills and quarterbacks (whoever it is) scan the field and find him usually wide open.
Niles Paul goes out for a pass.

Niles Paul goes out for a pass.

If this post seems rushed, (sorry!), that’s because it is. Security guard kicked me out of the library. Better updates tomorrow!


7:35 )

Due to my shift hours (12-6), I don’t have any updates. It’ll be like this until Thursday. Sincerest apologies.

I did get a glimpse of RGIII cutting in the backfield after handing off the ball.

7:33 p.m.

Thank you Sarah and both Brians for the VIP Pass hookup, I’m living the dream.

Quick Slants
Rookie tight end Jordan Reed made a strong case for a spot on the roster today. He looked sharp during one-on-one drills going up against third-year strong safety Dejon Gomes.

47 on 47
5-foot-7 running back Jawan Jamison (Rutgers) made a nice move on inside linebacker Jeremy Kimbrough for a completion in the one-on-ones. Maybe they were battling to determine who keeps Chris Cooley’s jersey number.

Paul Niles made an awesome catch in the back corner of the endzone against freshman strong safety Phillip Thomas. Pass credited to Kaptain Kirk.

Santana Moss showed David Amerson why he’s been in the league for 13 seasons with one quick shake and of course, gaping separation.

Funny Bone Is RGIII’s Knee
Shotgun formation…RGIII dropped back, cut left, couldn’t find anyone open, broke the line of scrimmage, ran for a few yards and slid – well, sort of flopped on his stomach – showing fans that he’s learned from his mistakes. Sorry for not getting the footage, use your imagination!

He’s definitely not running full speed, maybe no one else is, so I can’t really tell you if his cutting abilities are fully up to par. RGIII’s acceleration didn’t look 100%, imo.

Cousins and RGIII threw accurate bullets to every part of the field. Receivers Fred Davis and Pierre Garcon caught the majority of their share.

Again during one-on-one drills,TE Logan Paulsen burned first-year pro Phillip Thomas on a seam route.
Pass credit: Pat White

The defensive line pressures the quarterback up until a certain point and allow for them to release the ball. Even with all that extra time to throw, quarterbacks are receiving the maximum amount of reps to build the chemistry with their receivers. Completion rates are obviously inflated, but QBs shouldn’t build a habit of holding onto the pigskin for more than 5 seconds. . .

Playing QB my whole life, I believe in this method.


I can explain.

That’s the starting defense that played against the second string offense. Rotating in with the defensive backs were Reed Doughty and #48 (I couldn’t identify) and No. 50 OLB Rob Jackson.

Jackson’s been in Washington since he was drafted five years ago and didn’t catch a break until last year (started 14 games).

Pat White Doesn’t Have It Down Pat Just Yet

Again White struggled to throw across his body. Let’s be positive. His throws to his strong side (left) and the middle were on point.

1. Shotgun formation, Read Option, White carries it himself.
2. Waited….and waited. Tossed it up for grabs to the middle of defense. Incomplete.
3. Defense made adjustments and intercepted a poor and ill-advised pass from Pat White, taking It to the endzone for six…

Grossman threw off his back foot a few times and was a bit hesitant with his decision making.

Santana Moss
Moss let the rock fall from his hands. Yet he was blameless. The pass, thrown behind him (wide open in the middle of the defense), was clearly due to RGIII’s misfire. Moss ran full speed to get opened.

On the next play, Cousins zipped it to Moss, again wide open, in the soft spot between DBs E.J Biggers and Jordan Pugh.

A focused Moss again entertained the thousands with a jaw-dropping dive and catch of an underthrown ball from Cousins.

Bombs Away
The Redskins are going deep lately. Is OC Kyle Shanahan purposely doing this to prepare their DBs awareness this season? Or is the Redskins’ offense building an aerial force that will allow Pierre Garcon, Devery Henderson, Josh Morgan and Moss thrive?

Rex Grossman hit Paul Niles with a beautiful throw…

End Practice 5:17 p.m.
Questions, suggestions, comment below. Follow @imDPerent
Signing out from #RedskinsRVA camp.

2:07 p.m.

Received my VIP pass! Expect better things. Just got home to charge my phone battery. Practice starts in less than an hour.

Questions to ask:
1. Who’re the 5 wide receivers with the strongest chances of staying?
2. How did Phillip Merling and Kedric Golston do?
3. #39 rookie David Amerson is 6’1″, 204 lbs.

See you in a bit.
7:37 p.m.

Apologies. Forgive me for my inconsistency. I’m still adjusting to this lifestyle.

I didn’t think that my car inspection, Cookout lunch tray, and a much-needed conversation with my landlord would take that long.

I clocked in at 4:28, missing out on an hour of practice action.

Former Saints WR Devery Henderson hauled in a neat pass from RGIII for a ten-yard gain. Offense started in the shotgun formation with the 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE).

Josh Morgan turned heads when he made a grab right behind No. 57 Nick Sundburg. Providing the pass was Pat White.

Sundburg “didn’t drop back deep enough,” according to lawn-spectator and random friend I met today — Mr. Earl.

Earl, I discovered, worked for NBC for six years and of course God purposefully placed him next to me for that reason. The man strongly suggested that I make my mind up soon and stick with it (career as an NFL producer or NFL field reporter).

Black or White?
I hope it doesn’t happen this way, but White might be the odd man out. . . meaning that Rex Grossman may be the odd man in.

DeAngelo Hall pumped up the crowd after he picked off Captain Kirk. . . Pierre Garcon redeemed his back-up quarterback shortly afterwards by plucking the rock away from six other hands. Yes, Cousins heaved the ball from the pocket into triple coverage for a 40 yard gain. #redeem

<Bad Skin
Third-year pro defensive end Jarvis Jenkins won’t be able to start the season. Due to performance-enhancing substances, the League suspended him for the first four games. I’ll keep an eye out for his back-ups, Kedric Golston and Phillip Merling and who emerges with Adam Carriker out another four/five months with a quadriceps injury.

5:35 p.m.

RGIII gleefully showed off his blazing speed after practice. He sprinted, ball-in-hand, reassuring his doubters (Dallas fan attendants) and supporters, that he’s fully healed.

After signing autographs, he walked to mid-field and talked to the staff (such a tease), then walked towards a different section of voracious beasts (children) chanting his name, pleading for his initials and jersey number on football cards, Redskins apparel, helmet, and this list goes on forever.

Rookie inside linebacker Will Compton was the last player to leave the field as he signed autographs for fans and took pictures with the children (I should’ve asked).
“He’s [Compton] really nice,” said a young boy as I was leaving.

Follow, ask questions, suggest and chat: @imdperent

July 26, 2013 2:20 p.m.

Good afternoon and welcome back. NOVA friends and family, your favorite home team is in good hands l (my cell phone).

The Skins don’t come out until 3:30, so I will grab something to eat, charge my phone so it doesn’t die, and get my car inspected.

See you in a bit.


6:23 p.m.
I’m home. What a long day. My phone died because it’s battery life. . the Galaxy S3.

Anywhat, I’m home now and before I take this long power nap, I will blog, for I have kept – for Redskins fans – my promise and jotted every juicy detail in my notebook that went on during today’s hyper-productive practice.

Roy Helu Jr.’s explosiveness pleasantly surprised me.

Alfred Morris was Gillette. Sharp cuts and smooth finishes.

During QB/WR drills, Dezmon Briscoe impressed me, he held onto a ball that was thrown way over his helmet.

Rookie Chip Reeves from Troy is super-duper quick but he weighs the least (176) and is 5’10”. The nimble, 5-foot-7, 153 pound Brandon Banks is no longer with the team. I spotted Reeves on the punt return team during special team drills.

Leonard Hankerson dropped two passes. One, difficult and thrown behind him on a corner route, was catch-able, and the other fell from his hands as he turned around on a hitch.

If Nick Williams wins a spot in the WR rotation, I’m trying out for the NFL in 2014. Just kidding, although we’re the same size (5’10”, 184), he’s lean muscle and I’m comprised of fat.

Pierre Garcon sure looks healthy to me. No more foot problems for Mr. Pie-rre. He made all QBs look solid.

RGIII’s knee looked great. He planted and stepped into his throws, but I noticed a subtle hop he makes afterwards. If it’s not pain, it may be the cast on his knee. Give me a break, it’s only Day One, no worries. I’ll get to the bottom of this.

The other RGIII, had more rust to shake off than the second-year from Baylor. Rex Grossman wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t terrible. Slow to drop back, he delivered underthrown passes, I felt like I was watching a lazy river with arms trying to toss a football. In one play, Grossman’s pass was almost picked off because he threw it into double coverage.

Pat White struggled to fit in. I tallied up his “Mistakes on Throws Made to the Right Side of the Field” and he broke the scale. The left-hander’s passes across his body were weak, they fell short multiple times.

During drills without defense, all of the Redskins quarterbacks had no issues with launching the deep ball. . .however a different story againt coverage.

who is that!?
No. 80 Georgia State rookie Emmanuel Ogbuehi is 6’3″, 250 but stuck out like (a good) morning breath.

No. 35 Florida State rookie Chris Thompson’s room for improvement can fit four Ogbuehis inside of it. I felt that something was mentally bothering him today. He ran too high (didn’t stay low to the ground), and consistently was wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage.

Couldn’t tell the difference between the jug kicking machine and Sav Rocca’s punts.

DeAngelo Hall, that isn’t cool. I don’t see Hall as a solid Punt a Returner. Cute jokes.

3:08 p.m.
Captain Kirk Cousins, Rex Grossman. . . and Pat White. . .are throwing around for ten minutes and none of the fans say a THING . . .RGIII jogs onto the field and the crowd roars. . .


Roll your Rs and say it: the Rrrrichmond Rrrredskins. Has a nice rrring to it, doesn’t it?

Several hundred Redskins fans (and two Dallas Cowboys ignants) gathered at the main entrance of the brand new Bon Secours training facility in Richmond, VA an hour before gates opened, two hours before the start of their team’s walkthrough, and indeed, the faithful waited, through the drizzling rain.

I’ve been here since 7:30 a.m. and there is still (barely less than) a thousand fans waiting for their beloved team to come out and practice for their second session. The team had a light workout/walkthrough starting at 10:00 and ended around 11:30.

Three hours has passed and there is an ongoing fight between the sun and clouds, a strong breeze and No. 10 jerseys buzzing like cicadas.

See? I told you so. What am I doing here you ask? Besides volunteering for their Client Services (Marketing Department), I’m treating this like an audition. . .for my career. There’s media all around me, the NFL Films tent is here too. Ah, and to know that I’ll be here until August 16. . .

I honestly didn’t watch the Redskins this morning’s walkthrough due to work, but I will be here for their 3 o’clock session.

Leave questions, comments. @imdperent
The Redskins are in Richmond, and I have been one of several hundred applicants selected to take part in the training camp as a Bon Secours Ambassador.

After my volunteer shifts, I plan to watch the team practice and do my part to best answer the question every Redskins fan has in mind: How are they doing?

See you soon.


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  1. Great blog so far! Really enjoying your writing and observations, it feels like I have VIP access through your words. Keep the updates coming and good luck!!

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